Timeline Examples – Free Timeline Template

Timeline Examples – Free Timeline Template

Here you can find free timeline example, this is free timeline template. Some methods can use to  create timeline in excel,  using drawing tools, bar chart is way to create timeline examples. Other methods to create timelines project is using gantt chart.

Free Timeline Templates

You can get for free timeline example template. You should using excel 2013 or later. You can try to use our timeline example templates : Project timeline, vertical timeline and bubble chart timeline.

Project Timeline Template

How to create timeline template in excel? here way to create timeline example template in excel using charts linked to data tables. The chart will be update when you updated the data table.  This is example timeline template using stacked bar chart and this timeline template using scatter chart with data labels and leader line to create more type of timeline.

project timeline template with milestones

Using the Project Timeline Template

Project template is very simple, cause one of the key this is timeline example template is the ability to chose a different color for the bar. With different color will help to identify the different category of task.

This is timeline example template show of some steps in product development. Like concept development, system design, production, etc. Many task with different color will help us to identify the different phase or category.

For example timeline template using some color, this is color can updated or add more color what you want. to add more colors, follow these steps :

  1. Open the example timeline template
  2. At the timeline project, add a new column to the right.
  3. Select the timeline example and drag the range marker.
  4. Add some data to see whats color the new column used and update.
  5. The last step, update the list used for the data validation drop-down.

example timeline project

project timeline chart

Vertical Timeline Template

Vertical timeline template in excel is using a X-Y Scatter plot, Data Labels, errors bars for the leader lines. See this timeline example template images to get reference.

vertical timeline template

Bubble Chart Timeline

Do you willing to use drawing tools to create timeline, and you want something more automated, you need to create a timeline in excel, this easy and especially.

timeline using bubble chart in excel, these feature make it relatively easy to create some interesting timeline example template with bubble chart.

This is an example for bubble chart timeline, you can print this example template for your timeline.

Vertical Bubble Chart Timeline

bubble chart timeline template

Vertical Bubble Chart Timeline

Below is a vertical bubble chart timeline example.

bubble chart timeline template vertical

Timeline Examples for Students

There are an example timeline for student, they kow the struggle of getting the point across in an assignment presentation. The timeline example template for students here will solve the problem or give you reference for other student.

Let’s we go, look at the timeline example for students below, this is timeline example ready to print :

Example Timeline for students
Example Timeline for students

Timeline Template Word

When you are looking for timeline template word, it is an example for timeline template word. Always you can create timeline template word. Create timeline using ms word is simple, you can get reference how to create timeline template word here. When your project timeline template word want go share with you partner, you can create timeline template google docs.

Timeline Template Word
Timeline Template Word

Timeline Template PowerPoint

If you create timeline template in word, you need more time to created. but different if you are create timeline template PowerPoint, this is better sited than MS Word for creating visuals presentation. This is and example timeline template PowerPoint.

Are you to create timeline template with PowerPoint? how to create a timeline in PowerPoint step by step to help you customize you timeline.

Timeline Template Powerpoint
Timeline Template Powerpoint

Timeline in Excel

Template Timeline in excel created with shows a series of events to chronological order timescale. The power or timeline in excel is that graphical, easy to understand. Below is an example of timeline in excel.

timeline in excel
timeline in excel

timeline maker

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